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elephant camp in ngwe saung Beach


elephant camp in ngwe saung Beach

by learning bird on 13-Jul-2018

In Ngwesaung, it will take you about 45 minutes to drive to Elephant Camp from the beach. The elephantcamp has been opening since 2000 in Padaung Village where elephants are well trained in the compound. You will have a great chance to join in many exciting activities such as riding, feeding and washing them.

It will cost you US$5 for entrance fee and also US$5 for elephant riding. People organize the elephant riding program for visitors in the forest. On the back of these trained elephants, you can hike up and down steep hills and cross streams. This money is well spent. Moreover, there is one more interesting thing when you contribute to help the poor local people in some way. They are very poor and have many children. Therefore, their children cannot only go to school but also have to work in the elephant camp at the age of 9, 10

or 11. Your assisting children in this school and learning about poor education are very important.

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