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Taung Pyone Festival


Taung Pyone Festival

by Source from mmtimes on 05-Sep-2019

Taung Pyone

The Taung Pyone Festival, celebrated in Taung Pyone Gyi, Mandalay Region from August 8 to 15, is one of the most famous Nats (spirits) festival in the country. For the occasion, people are allowed to make fun of each other and are expected to smile and be happy.
On one occasion during King Anawratha’s reign, the king camped near Taung Pyone. He built a pagoda and ordered his army to contribute to the construction regardless of status or wealth. However, in the King’s Army two young generals, Shwe Phyin Gyi and Shwe Phyin Lay, the adopted sons of the king, failed to contribute and two bricks were missing from the pagoda.
As a punishment, the king executed the two heroes who turned into Nats (Spirits). The King deified his adopted sons-turned-spirits, who became the guardians of the area. They are very popular among believers.

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