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Why should I buy from Myanmar Bus Ticket ?


Why should I buy from Myanmar Bus Ticket ?

by phyo zaw on 06-Feb-2017


One of the simplest ways to get around in Myanmar is by travelling by bus, most especially if you are on a budget. Besides this, there are some destinations in Myanmar that require nothing but road transportation to get to, which means that if you do not have a private car, you'll have to go there in a bus.

Most of the bus routes in Myanmar are run by a lot of different private companies, and these companies serve most parts of Myanmar. However, there are some mountain and border areas that some of these companies don't allow their buses to serve; some of these areas include Putao and Kyaing Tong.


In areas like Bagan, Mandalay, and Yangon, the bus stations that deal with long distance travel are very far from the center of the town, therefore, you will have to buy your Myanmar bus ticket from a booking office, a hotel in the center of town, or purchase it conveniently at myanmarbusticket.com.

It is true that you can buy your tickets at the bus station, but that will mean going through stress as there will be too much rowdiness, and you stand the risk of something being stolen from you. So, why not buy your Myanmar bus tickets from myanmarticket.com online in the convenience of your home? The process is easy, speedy and convenient.

If you are going to be traveling on popular routes like Mandalay, Inle Lake, Yangon, and Bagan, it is recommended that you book your Myanmar bus tickets early, most especially in the tourist high season, between November and April. For instance, things are usually very busy during the Thingyan water festival, which is the Burmese New Year, and it's held in April.

Travelling by bus in Myanmar is actually cheaper and safer when compared to travelling by train. Foreigners may be unfamiliar with long distance journey schedules, which often start between 4pm and 10pm. This means that you might get to your destination very early in the morning. Buses also leave very early in the morning, as early as 4am, especially when they are from more remote areas.

Buying your Myanmar bus tickets from myanmarbustickets.com is an awesome choice. This is because you'll get the best flat rate while ordering in the comfort of your home. MyanmarBusTicket is an independent firm that deals in with the reselling of bus tickets in Myanmar. The company is regulated and operated by Tour Company Limited and Green Myanmar Travel. Ordering your Myanmar bus tickets from us provides you with a one stop booking service; when you order your bus tickets from us, you'll be able to check your order status online, we'll tell you the exact bus line you will be travelling with -most companies don't-, what things you should expect, and we'll send you E-tickets with guarantee in Myanmar.

Our company is filled with professionals, who will make sure that the booking system goes smoothly while still providing you with competent customer service. We also have a monitoring system that ensures that all of our E-tickets get to their recipients. And just in case any kind of problem rises at the bus gate, we have emergency numbers you can use in contacting us so we can easily fix your ticket problem.

We also offer car rental services, hotel bookings, flight bookings, and day tours and attractions. So if you are coming on a tour, visiting a loved one, or just coming for fun in Myanmar, go on to myanmarbustickets.com and book your tickets now.

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