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Souvenirs of Bagan


Souvenirs of Bagan

by Ms Khaing Khaing Nyein on 11-Oct-2018

Souvenirs of Bagan

When you visit a place, the only thing that will remind you about your happy memories apart from photos is souvenir. They are useful, lovely, authentic products which shows the culture of a place. In this article, I will tell you about 5 things you must buy as souvenirs when you are in Bagan.


  1. Black soy bean paste

In Myanmar, it is called Pone-Yay-Gyi. This healthy food is made purely from soy beans to preserve for a long time without chemicals. The origin of recipe is from Bagan. Clean and nice soy beans are washed thoroughly and boiled until they become mushy. Only the bean broth is taken and the grain are used for animal food. The broth is simmered slowly step by step and finally it was stirred continuously into a thick paste. The cooled down paste is packed for sale. This is completely vegetarian and so rich in protein. Also, it lowers your cholesterol level. It is so easy to prepare and can be added to any style of dish such as curry, stew, salads, fried rice. If you are in Bagan, you should try not only the infamous PoneYayKyee Rice but also buy original PoneYayKyee as souvenirs to take Bagan’s flavor home.


  1. Tha-Nat-Khar (or) Beauty secret of Myanmars

Though there were no SPF creams in Bagan era, Myanmar women has possessed problem-free and youthful skin since then. The secret is a tree that is abundant in Bagan, Tha-Nat-Khar. The bark of this tree is rubbed over a smooth stone plate, kyouk-pyin with water. Here comes the fragrant Tha-Nat-Khar paste that can be applied all over face and body. This is how Myanmar women protects their skin from harsh UV rays and dust. The soft and long-lasting natural fragrance will sooth your mind and relieves your stress covering your sweat and oil with powdery texture. It is absolutely no allergy to human skin so it is even better than aloe vera. It can also be used as a primer under your foundation to protect your skin and make the foundation last longer. There are many forms of Tha-Nat-Khar products nowadays such as natural branch stick directly cut from different parts of the tree, powder, ready-made paste, perfume, joss stick, fragrant candle, tha-nat-khar foundation, lotion etc. The best form is to make natural paste by rubbing the bark of the stick on kyouk-pyin with water and apply directly onto skin. You can buy tha-nat-khar products at Ananda temple in Bagan and they will also serve you with freshly made paste on your cheek making it various cute patterns such as leaf, flowers, animal. If you want to know the history and all about that-nat-khar plant, you can visit Shwe-Pyi-Nan museum, the only tha-nat-khar museum in the world. So, if you want the natural makeup and skincare suited to all skin types, don’t forget to buy this treasure bagan souvenir, that-nat-khar.


           3. Palm jaggery or candy of Bagan

If there is chocolate for U.S, there is jaggery for Myanmar. This sweet delicacy is made from boiling fresh palm juice into thick dough and shaped it into small balls like handmade candies. No additives. No preservatives but last for years. Unlike cane sugar, its sweetness is deep and subtle so you can use it in your meat dish without ruining the meat flavor. It can be added to any beverages to make them pleasantly sweet. Milk with jaggery is a nourishing breakfast for Myanmar children. And it is combined into many other things like sesame, peanuts, coconuts, prune, plum, milk, tamarind and popcorns. All these candies are freshly made in palm fields of Bagan and exported all over the world. So, for your babies and for your sweet tooth, don’t forget to buy this natural dessert.

Since Bagan era, Myanmar weave cotton and produce clothes themselves. The healthy and weather-suitable clothes are made from pure natural cotton without any artificial fibers and weaves into all dreamy colors and designs only by hands. Unlike, Mandalay clothes, Bagan uses mostly cotton and all the items such as female skirts, male longyis, bags, shirts, blouses, dresses, shawls, blankets, bedsheets and accessories are available in sweet price. The colors are bright, laundry machine safe and it can maintain your body temperature cool even in hot weathers as it absorbs your sweat well. So, buy a Bagan cotton dress and be stylish in hot weather.


4. Lacquerware (or) Yoon

The real art of Bagan is placed on your daily utensils and furniture. The long-lasting and not easily weary souvenirs are truly worthy of your money. Its detail designs and steps will also amaze you. If you want to know more about it, you can check my article ‘Yoon: Myanmar Lacquerware’ in https://myanmarbusticket.com . Bagan is the only place in Myanmar where Yoons are originated and massively produced. So, you can see the procedure and also buy it as a memory of Bagan that will be with you forever.


If you want to buy the above items or if you want to visit the production sites of these souvenirs, please click https://green-myanmar.com or https://myammardaytrip.com . We are always ready to serve you with your favorite trip to Bagan.

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