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Bus Stations

List of Myanmar Bus Stations

  1. 81 Central Hotel (Nyaung Shwe)
  2. 81 Hotel (Nyaung Shwe)
  3. Apex Bus gate Mandalay
  4. Aquarius Inn (Nyaung Shwe)
  5. Aung Lann, Shwe Moe Tea Shop
  6. Aung Mingalar Bus Station
  7. Aung Mingalar Hotel (Nyaung Shwe)
  8. Aung Thit Sar Bus Station (Mrauk U)
  9. Aung Yadanar Bus Station
  10. Aye Tharyar highway bus station
  11. Bagan Railway Station
  12. Bagan Shwe Pyi High Way Bus Terminal
  13. Bago Railway Station
  14. Baw Ga Thiri Bus Station
  15. Bhamo Bus Station
  16. Bokpyin Bus Stop Gate
  17. Bright Hotel (Nyaung Shwe)
  18. Cherry Myanmar Bus Station
  19. Dagon Ayar Highway Bus Station
  20. Dawei Highway Bus Station
  21. Duhtawadi gate
  22. Einme Bus Station
  23. Gawwein Jetty (Mandalay )
  24. GMBF group
  25. Golden Dream Hotel (Nyaung Shwe)
  26. Golden Empress Hotel (Nyaung Shwe)
  27. Golden Star Bus Gate
    No.23, 153 Street, Tamwee Township, Yangon.
  28. Hakha Bus Station
  29. Happy Pindaya Bus Gate
  30. Har Da Ya Cafe ( Shwe Loon Pyan)
  31. Ho Pin Bus Station
  32. Hotel Maineli (Nyaung Shwe)
  33. Hpa-An Clock Tower
  34. Hpa-an Highway Bus Station
  35. Hsipaw RC gate - Ph: 09403711331/ 0936036594
  36. Hupin Nyaung Shwe Hotel
  37. In Front of Kyauk Myaung Market
  38. In front of Yangon Railway station ,downtown
  39. Infront of Yay High Way Bus Station
    Yin Mar Restaurant
  40. Inle Apex Hotel
  41. Inle Star Hotel
  42. Inn Daw Bus Station
  43. Joy Hotel (Nyaung Shwe)
  44. Jyoe Pin Gyout, Sitt Mhu Htan Haung Gate
  45. Kalay Bus Station
  46. Kaung San Restaurant
    return pick up at 11:00AM on same location
  47. Kaw Thaung high way bus station
  48. Khit Tayar Myo Thit bus station
  49. Kin Pun anne Sakhan Bus Gate
  50. Kok Ga Rate Bus Gate
  51. Kok Thaung Highway Bus Station
  52. Kyaik Hto Railway Station
  53. Kyaikhami Bus Gate
  54. Kyaimayaw Bus Gate
  55. Kyauk Phyu Highway Bus Station
  56. Kyaung Taw Yar
  57. Kywel Sel Kan Bus station
  58. Loikaw Bus Gate
  59. Lumbini Bus Gate ( Nyaung Shwe )
  60. Ma Soe, Khine Ta Pyay Bus Station
  61. Magwe Highway Bus Station
  62. Man Su Bus Station, Lashio
  63. Manaw Thukha Hostel (Nyaung Shwe)
  64. Mandalar Min Bus Gate
  65. Mandalay
    Thiri Mandalar Bus Station
  66. Mandalay MGRG Jetty
  67. Mandalay Railway station
  68. Mann Suu Bus Station
  69. May Gate (Nyaung Shwe)
  70. Meikhtila Bus Station
  71. Meiktilar - Shwe Mandalar Gate
  72. Min Bu
  73. Moe Kaung(Mogaung) Bus Station
  74. Moe Nyin(Mohnyin) Bus Station
  75. Monywa Highway Bus Station
  76. Mu Se' Bus station
  77. Mudon Bus Station
  78. Mudon Bus Station
  79. Myaung Mya Bus Station
  80. Myawaddy high way bus station
  81. Myay Ni Gone Hightway Bus Gate
  82. Myeik Highway Bus Station
  83. Myin Chan Bus Station
  84. Myint Ngwe Saung Bus Gate
  85. Myit Kyi Nar Bus Station(Thidar Bus Station)
  86. Myo Ma Bus Station
  87. Nanda Wunn Hotel (Nyaung Shwe)
  88. Nar Ma Khaw Bus Station, Lashio
  89. Near By AGD Bank Naung Shwe
    Yone Gyi Street Boss Gate Ph no 09 428310797
  90. Nyaung Oo Jetty
  91. Nyaung Shwe Junction
  92. Nyaung Shwe Ko Zaw Win Htun Gate (beside KBZ bank)
    Famous Gate
  93. Nyaung Shwe,Shwe Man Thu gate
  94. Nyaung Shwe
    JJ Sun Goddess Gate
  95. Nyaung Shwe
    Shwe Loon Pyan May Gate
  96. OK bus gate ( Mandalay ) 25th street, Between 86th & 87th street near Zacho,Mandalay
  97. Ostello Bello Hotel
  98. Pann Myoe Thu Restaurant
    Return pick up at 12:00AM on same location
  99. Parami Bus Station Yangon
  100. Pathein Hi-way bus station
  101. Pyay Highway bus station
  102. Pyigyi Myat Shin Bus Station, Mandalay
  103. Pyin Oo Lwin railway station
  104. Royal Inle Hotel
  105. Royal Nyaung Shwe Hotel
  106. Sagaing Highway Bus Station
  107. Sandalwood Hotel (Nyaung Shwe)
  108. Sein Nan Soe Nyaung Shwe
    Yan Gyi Aung Gate
  109. Sein Nan Soe Nyaung Shwe
    Yan Gyi Aung Gate
    Ph no. 09 769648791
  110. Sein Nann Soe Gate
  111. Shwe Da Nu Gate
  112. Shwe Inlay Bus Gate (On opposite side of Nilar Yoma Petrol Station)
  113. Shwe La Min bus gate(Mrauk U)
  114. Shwe Mandalar bus gate - Khine Tha Pyay Ma Soe Gate
    Ph no. 09 403728701
  115. Shwe Nan San gate
  116. Shwe Nyaung Junction
  117. Shwe Nyaung Railway Station
  118. Shwe Pa Oah Bus Station
  119. Shwe Zi Gon gate
  120. ShweMandalar gate
  121. Sittwe Highway Bus Station
  122. Song of Travel Hostel (Nyaung Shwe)
  123. Sun Goddess JJ gate
  124. Taungoat bus station
  125. Taungoo Gate Nearly Nursing Home
  126. Teak Wood Hotel (Nyaung Shwe)
  127. Than Phyu Za Yat Bus Gate
  128. Thanakha Inle Hotel
  129. Thandwe Bus Station
  130. Thazi Railway Station
  131. The Grand Nyaung Shwe Hotel
  132. Thidar Bus Station
  133. Thiri Padaythar Highway Bus Station
  134. To your hotel in Ngapali
  135. Trinity Family Inn (Nyaung Shwe)
  136. University Bus Gate ( Taung Gyi)
  137. Waiting for Infront of Winner Hotel
  138. Win Express (Kinpum aneesakhan)
  139. Yangon Railway Station
  140. Yar Pyae Hotel (Nyaung Shwe)
  141. Yay Highway Bus Station
  142. Yin Yin Pyone Local restaurant
    Nearly Kin Pun Sakhan
  143. Yone Gyi Road
    Nyaung Shwe High Way Bus Station
    Bagan Min Thar Gate Ph 09 444252890
  144. Zar Ti Marn Bus Station
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